Travel Companion: Start your new adventure with a travel friend by your side.

Looking for a Travel Friend?

Traveling can be nice when you are on your own because you feel a sense of independence, an excitement for the unpredictable adventure, but traveling with others comes with many benefits.

Why not meet new people and connect with others from all over the world who may be traveling to the same destination around the same time as you? Learning and traveling with others can leave you with lasting friendships and lifetime of shared memories.

How do you know that you will enjoy traveling with new people you meet? Through matching people with like minded travel interests as you have. You create a profile with your interests and traveling plans. On the page you submit a new topic on the Discussion Board. The Discussion Board will be a running dialog of educated travelers who are discussing about their traveling plans hoping to connect with others traveling to their same destination. Once you find a travel friend who is interested in going to the same place and the same time as you, you can easily and safely connect with your new travel friend via our private messaging system.

Ultimately, this is a resource for people to use to travel with new friends from all over the world. You never have to be afraid to travel alone, and you may find that traveling with someone surpasses traveling alone.

Planning a trip with TravelBarista is one of the best ways to connect with a travel friend.

Looking for a travel friend? Find a travel partner here on Travel Barista. Travel the world. Together!


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