Quality Over Quantity with Vetelli

Everything You Need To Know About Vetelli Bags

Frequent travelers understand the importance of a quality bag that will hold up well over time. These bags by Vetelli, all of which are made out of PU leather, truly combine function with quality. On top of this, they are fairly priced.

Vetelli – Quality Over Quantity

Vetelli is recently founded company, although their owners have plenty of experience creating products for the travel market. Vetelli’s main idea is “quality over quantity.” You won’t find a lot of products on their website, but those that are listed are extremely high quality and designed to last. They are aimed specifically at travelers, but can be used by anyone. Each product is both fashion-forward and functional.

The Gio Toiletry Bag

The Gio toiletry bag is also made of PU leather. There are two main pockets that both zip closed. The top zipper opens up to a very large interior space. This can hold quite a few things, enough to last for the duration of your trip. The exterior pocket is smaller but is good for items that you might need to access in a hurry. For example, it’s the perfect place for a travel first aid kit – you’ll be able to get to it quickly, without having to rummage through the interior section. I love the blue toiletry bag that Vetelli sent me. It’s very useful and looks like a high-end product, even though it’s offered at a very affordable price.

The Wine Tote Bag

The Vetelli wine tote bag comes in a beautiful combination of red and black PU leather. This bag comfortably holds two wine bottles and features a removable Velcro divider that can keep them from clunking against each other in transit. There are two handles – one a standard hand strap, the other a removable and adjustable shoulder strap – making it easy to carry the bag when your hands are full. The inside storage section is insulated, so it’ll keep your wine or champagne cold. It’s great for picnics, and it has a very romantic feel to it. I love this bag!

I highly recommend both of these bags by Vetelli. They combine function and fashion in a very unique way. If you love to travel, you need a bag that will last – and these certainly will.

Note: I received these products for free to review. However, my opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way. I simply love both the Gio Toiletry Bag and the Wine Tote Bag. They’re my new favorite products.

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