All About The Incredibly Useful Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Towels

You never want to leave home without a towel – a microfiber towel, that is. The Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Towels are incredibly lightweight and useful. Whether you love to go camping, enjoy spending some time on a boat or a kayak, or just want to have some absorbent handy in case of spills, then a microfiber towel is just what you’ve been hunting for.

About WildHorn Outfitters

Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Towels are made by WildHorn Outfitters. The company makes outdoor gear that’s sold in many stores and online. The Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Towels are just part of their product lineup. Other products include snowshoes, camping chairs, beach tents, sleeping bags, hammocks and straps, and even snorkeling masks and fins. If it’s useful for outdoor activities, odds are WildHorn makes it.

Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Towels

Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Towels come in a set of three in a specific color combination: orange, gray, and blue. The orange one is their largest towel. It measures 60 by 30 inches. The gray is medium-sized and 48 by 24 inches, while the blue one (the smallest) is 24 by 12 inches. Because these incredibly lightweight (and easy to pack) towels come in these different sizes, it’s easy to have just the right one nearby. I pack them in my suitcase, backpack, carry-on bags, and more. In general, these towels are great for many activities, including kayaking, surfing, camping, spending time on the beach or near the pool, or just traveling in general.

I use these towels on many of my travel excursions. I like to have them near the side of the pool since they work well to dry off my long hair. My kids use them to dry off after leaving the water. They work great for this purpose because they absorb water quite quickly without leaving behind lint. I also take them kayaking for that same purpose. I love them and never want to be without one. I recommend them to everyone!

Note: I received this product for free to review. However, my opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way. I’ve found so many uses for the Microlite Microfiber Quick Dry Towels that I need to tell everyone about how great they are!

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