6 Napa Valley Wineries and Vineyards That You Must Visit At Least Once

Napa Valley, California is filled with vineyards and wineries. There are so many that you might not know which one to choose for your next getaway. Here are six that we highly recommend. You should visit each of them at least once. The experiences are unparalleled!

1) HALL Wines, St. Helena

This vineyard has an absolutely fabulous property, filled with art and plenty of things to do. You can sit in the sun chairs and enjoy the view, play bocce ball, or gather around the fire pit at night. The interior of the building is extremely modern. On top of this, they offer private wine experience tours and a membership plan that provides you with exclusive perks.

2) Paraduxx, Napa

Paraduxx Winery describes itself as a “VIP lounge.” Visitors will enjoy a wine tasting that comes with a charcuterie plate while sitting at a table overlooking the well-manicured grounds and garden. Paraduxx is owned by Duckthorn Vineyards (hence its name) and is known for having many excellent vintages.

3) Joseph Phelps, St. Helena

Joseph Phelps Vineyards has been in business since 1973. They are known for their wide array of tasting experiences – a whopping ten, several of which come with food pairings – and a long family history of iconic blends. The scenery on the vineyard is stunning, turning a single visit into an amazing experience.

4) J Vineyards and Winery, Healdsburg

J Vineyard and Winery have an extremely nice property to go with their sparkling wine. Their wine is what they’re known for – J Vineyards and Winery is one of the first (and most iconic) sparkling wine producers that utilize the California producing method. That alone is one of the reasons to visit. Great place for kids to move around too.

5) Sterling Vineyards, Calistoga

How many vineyards have a working aerial tram on the property? The answer is not many. Sterling Vineyards is designed in such a way that visitors need to board the tram in order to travel from the parking lot to the main building. On top of this, Sterling produces a number of award-winning burgundies and Bordeaux.

6) Castello di Amorosa, Calistoga

Castello di Amorosa is known for its interesting features. One of the buildings on their property resembles a 13th-century Medieval castle. There are also animals on the site. Between those two things and the amazing sweet wine, this is a can’t-miss destination. Another excellent visit for families.

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