A Traveling Necessity for Men: Bluffworks Chinos

Finding good travel pants for men can be difficult. There’s a tricky balance that must be found between pants that look nice and are lightweight, yet don’t wrinkle horribly while sitting in a suitcase. Whether you’re traveling for work or for fun, you still don’t want to walk around your destination wearing wrinkled pants. Yes, hotels do have irons and dry cleaning services, but why both with that when you have Bluffworks Chinos?

Wrinkle Free Travel Wear

Bluffworks specializes in men’s travel clothing, although the pants, shirts, and other items can be worn all of the time. They are made of a specially designed fabric that is both breathable and wrinkle resistant. Their garments also wick away moisture, which is useful when you’ve spent the day walking around and exploring. On top of that, many of Bluffwork’s pieces come with hidden pockets. This is a great way to keep your items secure while traveling.

Items to Pick From

Although we received a pair of Chinos to review, Bluffworks makes more than just pants. They also have suits, blazers, and two additional styles of pants – called Gramercy and Original. Each item is made of their proprietary wrinkle resistant fabric. You can wear them while traveling (this line is ideal for business travelers) or even in your everyday life. These Chinos even has a pocket for your phone - see below picture, which is great for lots of men since they don't have a handbag to put their phone in.

All about the Chinos

My husband recently received a pair of Bluffworks Chinos to test out. He loved them! The fit looks like it was tailored to his body, even though he is a standard size. The pants dried as quickly as advertised, and they are indeed wrinkle free. He like the fact that the pants can be dressed up and down – he can wear them for many occasions. They are as easy to pack as advertised and the fabric looks very nice. Plus, they come with a number of great features, including a security pocket that zips shut (see below picture), an additional hidden pocket, and a loop to hang secure items on.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

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