A Vapur Water Bottle is ideal for Traveling

There are water bottles – and then there are Vapur water bottles. Comparing the two makes it clear that the Vapur ones are far more useful, making them great to carry when you’re on the go. If you’re an active person and avid traveler who needs to stay hydrated, then Vapur water bottles are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Vapur water bottles are designed to be reusable, but with a twist. Instead of standard reusable bottles that retain their shape when they’re empty (making them bulky to tote around), Vapur ones are compactable. They are made of a bag-like plastic, only far stronger, that rolls or folds up when not in use. Because of this, it’s easy to toss a Vapur bottle in your handbag, carryon, or even your pocket. It also has a handy clip so you can attach it to the outside of your bag. There’s no extra bulk or heft to carry around, and you can pull it out and fill it when needed.

Good for Many Uses – Not Just Traveling

Vapur water bottles are easy to carry around, lightweight, & folds up very easily. Since many airports have water fountains where you can fill your bottles for free, you can pull the Vapur out of your carryon and not have to pay inflated prices for bottled water at a kiosk. With that said, you can take your Vapur bottle with you everywhere. I use mine while biking, my daughter totes hers down to the pool, attaches it to her school bag-pack, etc - we take them everywhere.

Why I Love Them

I love using Vapur water bottles. They are extremely easy to carry and ensure that I stay hydrated no matter where I’m at. They are environmentally conscious as well. The fact that they fold up is ingenious. I think that everyone – especially travelers – should have at least one Vapur bottle.

Stay Hydrated!

Disclaimer: while this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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