Vionic Shoes – The Best Traveling Shoes Yet!

When you’re traveling, there’s nothing you need more than a pair of comfortable shoes. Too many times people pack a bunch of stylish shoes and don’t think about the fact that they’ll be spending plenty of time on their feet while exploring foreign cities. This is where Vionic Shoes come in. They are both stylish and comfortable! You truly get the best of both worlds.

Science Meets Style

Since Vionic were designed by some experts in podiatric medicine, they exemplify the idea of science meeting style. These shoes contain a special natural alignment technology, thanks to their patented Orthoheel design. What does that mean? They have a special deep heel cup and a sole that provides full arch contact. This, combined with the biomechanical footbeds, the firm midsoles, and the support at the ball of your foot equal scientifically proven comfort. These shoes are good for your feet.

Created By Experts

Vionic Shoes were created and designed by a team in their patented Innovation Lab. This team consists of six experts – Andrew Weil, MD, an expert in Integrative Medicine; Jackie Sutera, DPM, an Doctor of Podiatric Medicine; Trevor Prior, a Podiatric Surgeon; Juliet Kaska, a Fitness Expert; David Armstrong, PhD, MD, a Podiatric Surgeon; and Brian Hoke, a Sports Physical Therapist. Between the six of them, it’s no wonder that these shoes have broken the proverbial mold.

Why I Like Them So Much

I own several different Vionic styles – their flip flops, wedge sandals, and casual sneakers. The flip-flops are both beautiful and comfortable. I’m able to wear them all day without them hurting my feet. I’ve also worn some different wedge heeled sandals in my life, but my Vionic pair is the most comfortable one I’ve worn. Also, the sneakers – they’re both stylish and easy on my feet. I’ve never gotten so many compliments on my sneakers before! In fact, they’re the perfect driving shoes. To put it simply, I love these shoes!

Disclaimer: while this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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