Sleeping On an Airplane Isn’t Impossible

Falling asleep on an airplane can make the time go faster and help you adjust to a new time zone. It can be a bit tricky though, especially if you’re one of those people who gets overly excited when they travel. In order to relax and fall asleep so that you’re ready to go once you arrive at your destination, consider following one or more of these ideas.

Come Prepared With Things to Help You Sleep

I suggest packing the following things into your carryon: an eye mask, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, and a comfortable sweater. It goes without saying that airplane cabins are brightly lit and rather noisy, both of which can keep you awake, no matter how much you want to take a nap. By packing these lightweight items, you’ll be able to counteract all of that and conk out mid-flight. It goes without saying that you’ll also want to wear comfortable clothing, so bring a soft, lightweight sweater to help keep you warm and in ready-to-sleep mode.

Bring an Infinity Pillow

Although you can always ask a flight attendant for a pillow, you’re better off with the infinity pillow. This useful device fits around your neck like a scarf and it can be taken off and smooshed into a comfortable ball. It’s a multi-purpose pillow filled with microfiber that’s both lightweight and comfy. Rather than use an airline pillow (and really, who knows how clean it is) use this non-bulky one that you bring with you.

Sit Properly So You Can Relax

If you really want to fall asleep, you’ll need to sit with your legs uncrossed and the back of your chair reclined. Sitting with your legs crossed can mess up your circulation, which can end up keeping you awake – and cause a number of other problems. You’ll also need to recline slightly in order to get into a more comfortable position. After all, you don’t usually sleep sitting up, right?

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Drinking alcohol and filling up on food before – or during – your flight might sound like a good way to ensure a nap will take place, but it’s not. Alcohol will only make you feel dehydrated, which will lead to drinking water and many trips to the bathroom. Eating too much can make you feel sick, especially at higher altitudes, which again, is counterintuitive to falling, and staying, asleep.

Are there any tried and true tricks that you rely on to fall asleep on airplanes?

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