5 Ways to Alleviate Hotel Boredom

Whether you’re traveling for work or for leisure, there’s bound to come a time when you’re stuck in your hotel room with nothing to do. Rather than stare at the walls (or out the window) for hours, here are a few suggestions of other things that you can do to keep boredom from setting in.

1) Explore the city

Even if you’re in a place that you’ve been to before, there are undoubtedly many sights that you’ve haven’t seen and restaurants that you’ve never been to. Start by asking hotel employees for recommendations. If there’s a concierge, then that’s the first person to turn to. If not, the people working the front desk will undoubtedly be able to steer you in an interesting direction.

2) Pamper yourself

Now is the time to relax and care for yourself. Give yourself a pedicure or manicure (or visit the hotel spa, if there is one). Soak in your room’s bathtub, do a quick stretching or yoga session… whatever form of pampering your enjoy. You can choose to leave your hotel room, especially if there’s a pool or hot tub somewhere on the premises, or just stay in your room and enjoy some quiet time.

3) Enjoy some form of media

Traveling with a book (or an ebook) is always a good idea, as it gives you something to focus on when you have some downtime. You can also watch a movie, either on your hotel room television or on your iPad, thanks to free hotel WiFi and your own Netflix account. When was the last time you got to watch something without getting interrupted?

4) Learn something new

Have you ever wondered what all of your smart phone’s settings do? Or how to take proper pictures with your travel camera? Now is the time to look up some instructions and do a little experimenting. You might find out something interesting or pick up a new skill.

5) Write it down on paper

Remember all of those things that you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time? Since you have a few extra minutes, why not pull out some paper and make a list? You can also handwrite a letter to a loved one, or jot down your thoughts. All hotel rooms come with a simple pen and a notepad, so you’re already prepared!

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