Travel Tech: Airport Navigation from LocusLabs

Navigating an unfamiliar airport often adds unnecessary stress to a trip. Between locating restaurants, bathrooms, coffee shops, baggage claim, and the Uber pick-up, it can quickly sour a pleasant vacation. Thanks to an SF-based company, LocusLabs, you can now use your phone to see what’s in the airport and get directions to whatever you need.

We interviewed Karlee Kennedy of LocusLabs, which has developed technology that works like Google Maps in the airport. Discover more about LocusLabs and what’s in store for airport travel!

What inspired LocusLabs to help travelers?

Our co-founder, Jason McMinn, had extensive experience working with airlines previously and saw an opportunity to help ease the stress of the day-of-travel for passengers. He teamed up with our other co-founder, Campbell Kennedy, who had come from a robotics background and previously led the team who created the original street-view technology that was later acquired by Google. Together they were able to use their respective knowledge to create the most scalable indoor reality capture system on the market today to help serve the millions of passengers who travel through airports around the globe. Now at LocusLabs, we're providing passengers a better way to connect while in the airport for airlines - American, United, Delta & Lufthansa(among others) - and we also work directly with airports to provide the same seamless in-airport location-based solution for mobile, online and on-premise. We work with many of the largest airports in the world including DFW, LHR, LAX, SEA, HAS and DEN - to name some of them.

How does your technology help travelers / travel industry?

Our location-as-a-service platform gives airports and airlines the ability to provide the most accurate and rich set of data to passengers through a high fidelity interactive map. Using the LocusVMS, airports can make updates on the fly and distribute it to millions of passengers within days instead of months. This solution gives passengers all the location information they could need at their fingertips to browse, search, navigate and explore airports everywhere while giving the airports the power to manage it in near real-time.

How do you work with the travel industry?

We work directly with airlines to deliver location-based experiences directly into the framework of their mobile applications. We also work directly with airports to weave the same location enabled experiences into the fabric of the airport via digital channels and on-premise.

What are LocusLabs’ most commonly searched places?

Clubs/lounges and restaurants are usually near the top, and then transportation(shuttles or uber pick up areas) or pet relief areas. You can search for literally anything. The top searched item is often coffee.

What are some future enhancements or products LocusLabs are working on?

One of our most exciting applications coming soon is our Augmented Reality navigation system that will be leveraged alongside our location framework. AR needs an accurate model of the real world and our indoor mapping & Venue Management System lays that foundation.

What is your favorite airport?

We couldn't possibly pick just one. We work with with many of them, and our customers are putting innovation and driving value for passengers as their top priority. That makes them so much fun to work with. Together, we help solve real challenges for searching and navigating some of the most complex indoor spaces in the world.

If you know any other travel-tech companies that you’d like to learn more about, let us know in the comments!

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