Ready For Your Cruise? Not Until You Read These 15 Tips

Cruises remain one of the most popular vacations. There are Disney cruises where your kids can spend time with Mickey Mouse, cruises that visit tropical – and not so tropical – locales, and so many options that there truly is something for everyone. Since cruises aren’t inexpensive, you’ll want to read these 15 tips before you leave in order to ensure that you have the best time.

1) Schedule Your Spa Treatments ASAP

The spa is just as popular as the pool, so appointments will fill up fast. Beat the rush by booking all of your spa treatments as soon as you arrive in your cabin.

2) Be Prepared for Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can pop up when you least expect it. Even if you’ve never been seasick before, it might hit you while on a cruise, ruining your good time. Have some Dramamine or another medication with you, just in case you need it.

3) Go on All of the Excursions, but Don’t Limit Your Options

The off-boat excursions are one of the coolest parts of a cruise, since you’ll get to see many other countries during your trip. If none of the scheduled excursion events sound like fun, ask around when you get off the ship; there might be some interesting places to visit nearby, like museums.

4) Avoid the Pools

Yes, you may want to get in a quick swim, but so does everyone else on board, so if you value your sanity, steer clear of the pools. There are many other things to do that take place in less crowded spaces.

5) Put Your Phone on Airplane Mode to Avoid Roaming Fees

You don’t want to rack up a $500 cell phone bill while on a cruise. Receiving emails, voice mails, and text messages can all cost you in roaming and international fees when you’re on the ocean. Avoid this by putting your phone on airplane mode. You don’t want to be bothered with work related headaches while you’re on vacation anyway.

6) Pack As Light As Possible

You might be tempted to bring an array of outfits and shoes with you when you go on a cruise, but stick to the basics instead. Cruise ship rooms tend to be fairly small (unless you’ve sprung for a suite) and you’ll spend most of your days in a vacations basics, like shorts and t-shirts, anyway.

7) Don’t Leave Your Valuables in Your Room

Yes, the doors to your room lock, and there might even a safe in there, but do you really want to risk it? A cruise is not the place to bring your antique jewelry and other irreplaceable items. Stick to the bare minimum and wear the few pieces of jewelry that you’ve brought. This way, you won’t have to ruin your vacation by worrying about them.

8) Book Your Trip through a Travel Agent

Yes, you can always book your trip on your own, directly through the cruise line, but I recommend using a travel agent. An experienced agent knows the ins and outs of each cruise and can steer you to the best packages. They might even have some special deals to throw your way, such as unique drink packages and discounted excursions. Ask TravelBarista for cruise deals today.

9) Pack a Power Strip and Socket Adapter

This sound weird, but you might need both of these on your cruise. Rooms tend to have limited electric sockets, and your personal electronics may not work in them. You might need an adapter, and it’s always better to have one on hand than purchase or rent one through the cruise line.

10) Think Twice Before Buying a Drink Package

Cruises like to sell unlimited drink packages because they know that they almost always come out ahead. When you do the math, you might find that you’ll spend less a la carte, because in order to make your drink package worth it, you’ll have to consume a crazy amount of beverages each day.

11) Don’t Overlook the Specialty Restaurants

Yes, you’ll have to pay a bit more for the specialty restaurants, but the food is often worth it. You might get seated more quickly as well, because less people want to shell out the extra money.

12) Take Pictures of Your Prescription Medications before You Leave Home

Ideally, you should have enough of your prescriptions meds on you to last the duration of your cruise, and should keep them in their original bottles. However, if you run out mid-cruise and don’t have the bottles, make sure that you have digital photos of them so that a pharmacist (yes, even one in a foreign country) can fill them for you.

13) Bring a Towel Clip

Should you find yourself at the pool and in a deck chair, you’ll want to clip your towel down to keep it from blowing away or wrinkling uncomfortably while you’re laying on it.

14) Sign Up For Some of the On-Board Seminars

These seminars are usually free, and you’ll no doubt learn something interesting, like how not to be scammed by jewelry sellers in some of the cities that you’ll be stopping in.

15) Do Something Unusual

Cruises are the best times to step outside of your comfort zone. Take advantage of everything that the cruise has to offer, including the casino and nightclub. Enjoy yourself; after all, you’re on vacation!

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