How to Prepare For a Migraine Attack

If you’re reading this, then you most likely either suffer from migraine headaches, or know someone who does. These unpleasant headaches can last for hours – if not days – and bring with them extreme pain, nausea, light sensitivities, and other symptoms that make life, not just flying, difficult.

Know Your Triggers

Most migraine sufferers know what their triggers are. These can be anything from perfume, cheese, chocolate, wine and certain smells to the changes in altitude that comes with flying, among other things. As long as you know what triggers your migraines, you can either try very hard to avoid those items, or, if that’s impossible, at least have what you need on hand in your carry on or purse to try to prevent the migraine from becoming worse.

Bring Your Medication

If your doctor has prescribed a medication for your migraines, such as triptan, carry it with you. Even if you treat your migraines with over the counter medications, as long as they are in their original bottles, you shouldn’t have an issue bringing them on the plane. You’ll need your medication to keep your flight from becoming completely unbearable.

Be Prepared With Soothing Items

Personally, I need a bottle of water, an eye mask, and something caffeinated, like coffee or Coca Cola, to help me deal with my migraine headaches. I always have these things within reach when traveling, just in case I feel a migraine coming on. Another thing that makes me feel better is calming music (I always have a playlist loaded up and ready.) You no doubt have your own methods of soothing yourself until the migraine lessens, so have those items handy and within reach. It’s always better to have them and not need them, than it is to need them, but find yourself stuck without them.

I recently started using an Aculief wearable acupressure band, and it’s a lifesaver. You place the band on your LI4 acupressure point (the meaty part of your hand between your thumb and forefinger), for instant pressure relief. This form of acupressure has been recommended by Johns Hopkins University and Men’s Health, and Elle and The Wall Street Journal swear by the Aculief. Aculief provides:

  • Natural tension relief

  • Promotes energy

  • Works fast

  • Designed for active lifestyles

No medication needed - just fast headache relief by naturally restoring the energy in your body. It can can be used whenever tension and stress comes, and it’s now one of my must-have travel items, as it can help fight migraines any time.

Ask the Flight Attendant for Help

Flight attendants can bring you things like cool, damp towels to put on your head to help you feel better. If you tell them that you have a migraine, they may have eye masks and other things on hand as well. They may not suffer from migraines themselves, but many people know someone who does, so they will be sympathetic and be willing to turn off overhead lights and bright screens that might make your pain worse.

Hopefully science will find a way to end migraines for good, but until, I wish you the best of luck when dealing with these awful headaches both on flights and at home.

Please share what also works for you!

Caroline Glassell

Founder of TravelBarista

I was provided with a product from Aculief, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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