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Keeping myself safe and organized while traveling is always a priority. When I heard about RFID skimming, I knew I needed to upgrade my efforts for protecting myself. RFID skimmers use a large remote-sized reader to pick up credit card and passport data from passerby. A small amount of cards use RFID technology, but you can never be too safe.

Luckily, fabric has been developed that acts as armor to create an extra barrier between your cards and the scammer. There are lots of RFID wallets out there, but my favorite is the Mochi Things La Chance Passe Passport Wallet.

This elegant passport wallet contains 3 card pockets, 6 pockets for bills, receipts, passport, boarding pass, notes or maps, and 1 pen holder. It’s perfect for keeping all your travel documents in one place, so you can move your wallet from carry-on to backpack to your purse throughout your trip.

The wallet features 3M protective film installed on the cover to protect your e-passport from being read by unauthorized RFID readers.

I love how this wallet looks! It’s slim, compact and has a snap button to make sure everything stays where it should be. It comes in four different colors ,and has a luxe matte finish that makes it look designer. The synthetic leather is also easy to clean in case you spill your coffee running to your gate!

This wallet is a great purchase for you or as a gift for a travel-loving friend or family member.

Thanks to Mochi Things for providing these product; but as always, all thoughts that are expressed in this article are fully my own.

Caroline Glassell

Founder of TravelBarista

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