Best Worldwide Family Friendly Airports

Let’s be honest here, traveling with kids can be challenging. It isn’t easy to keep them entertained or under control, especially when they’re in a new place and off of their usual schedules. This is why family friendly airports are so important. They have activities to keep kids entertained, and areas for them to roam. Here are our top favorite family friendly airports across the world. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Copenhagen airport not only has large spaces for kids to roam and work off excess energy, but they also have free strollers to borrow at every terminal. There’s also a special family space complete with play areas and giant blocks. It’s located on an upper floor, where it overlooks the food court. However, there’s no elevator to get there, so you’ll need to carry your children (or help them get) up the stairs. For people with infants, terminal two has a very nice baby changing section and there’s even a space where you can heat up bottles. The airport even has a family entertainment center where old kids, like teenagers, can play video games on Playstations and X-Boxes. Amsterdam, Holland

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Holland has a large play area for children, including slides, climbing spaces and “treehouses” placed several feet off of the ground. This area, as well as the family friendly lounges complete with shelves full of children’s book and television screens showing appropriate shows and movies, are in their Holland Boulevard area, which also boasts a museum and other things to do while waiting for your flight. Their baby section, which has dimmable lights, single-family “pods” with seating and cribs, and a full kitchen, is great for families with babies. Chicago O’Hare International Airport, U.S.A.

Nickelodeon, a television channel filled with children’s programming, named the kid’s area in O’Hare as The Most Awesome Play Area. There’s a reason for this – the play area, which is located in terminal 2, is the home of the Kids on the Fly Exhibit (nicknamed KOTF). This area has a small airplane, a toy control tower, a model of a helicopter, and plenty of other related things for kids to play in, around, and on. The space is guaranteed to entertain kids of all ages until it’s time to move towards their gate. There are also Mother’s Rooms in four different terminals (1, 2, 3, and 5) which provide quiet places for mothers to nurse their children. Nice, France

The airport in Nice, France was the first in the country given the designation of “Famille Plus”, which means it’s very child-friendly. The Le Plage restaurant (located in terminal 1, after going through security) has a menu put into place by Chef Thierry Marx. This restaurant has child-friendly options such as a large play area, including a large slide that will take children down into the main area (see picture). The restaurant also boasts sand, an area filled with lounge chairs placed in the sun, and also binoculars to make plane watching even easier. Entertained & happy children = Happy parents! Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The kids zone in the Dubai, UAE airport is located between gates B6 and B8. It’s filled with family friendly activities, like interactive games. There’s also a climbing frame, a large slide, and practically an entire indoor playground, all of which guarantee that your kids will be able to burn off some energy before your flight. San Francisco, U.S.A.

The international terminal at the San Francisco airport has a special security lane designed just for families. It’s larger, and usually has a shorter line, which means that your family won’t be condensed into one small area and stuck standing in line for hours. The sooner you get through security with your kids, the better! This terminal also has a museum filled with art, photography, technology, and even cultural objects to look at while you wait for your flight. Your children will be entertained just looking at everything. Lastly, if you’re stuck in a non-family friendly airport, you can always purchase a day pass to a lounge. You don’t need to be a special member of anything to do this, as most airports have their own lounges that fliers can access for a fee. These areas usually have a kids area, and at the very least, can keep kids contained in one spot, allowing their parents to relax a bit.

If you have been to another airport which had something extra for kids, please share with us here.

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