This Invention Helps You Sleep More Comfortably on Your Next Flight

When you’re heading on a long flight with your kids, let’s face it, all you want is for them to SLEEP! This is usually easier said than done, as kids struggle to get comfortable in airplane seats.

That’s what makes Fly LegsUp so amazing. It’s a small hammock that attaches to the arms of the tray table in front of you, to create an adaptable sling for resting your legs or curling up and sleeping! It was a lifesaver on our recent long flight, and my daughter slept right through it.

The hammock creates a flat surface for young children to nap, or for older children to stretch out. Finally, getting your kids to sleep is doable even in Economy! Plus, it allows kids to keep their seatbelt on, making for safer travel.

The reclining position is perfect for reading, watching a movie on your tablet, or just to relax and get more circulation in your legs. If you tend to leave flights with lower limb swelling, back pain, and general aches and pains, Fly LegsUp can help alleviate that! The hammock is strong enough both for kids and adults, so everyone can fly comfortably.

Each hammock comes with inflatable cushions (3 for kids, 2 for adults) that are perfect for in the hammock, or as headrests.

It’s very lightweight, folds up small, and can attach to any bag! I suggest viewing the instruction video prior to getting on your flight, as I didn't and it took a little longer to figure out how to initially set up.

I would highly recommend this for long hall flights!

Thanks to Fly LegsUp for providing these products; but as always, all thoughts that are expressed in this article are fully my own.

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