Three Steps for Baby Proofing a Hotel Room

The main downside of staying a hotel with a very young child is that most hotels rooms aren’t baby proof. This means that you have two choices – stay absolutely vigilant and don’t let your eyes off of your child for a second, or baby proof the room yourself. Obviously, the latter is the best option, especially since baby proofing a room isn’t overly difficult or expensive.

Travel With a Baby Proofing Kit Or Ask The Hotel For One

Most hotels have baby proofing kits ready and waiting for their clients to ask for one. If you’re worried that they won’t have one handy, then you can purchase a readymade kit and bring it with you. These kits will have things like electric socket covers, plastic padded corners that can be applied, and even cabinet door locks to keep your children out of them. All of these things can be easily purchased ahead of time, and placed in a small zippered pouch, just in case your hotel can’t supply them.

Check Everything in the Room Carefully

Most hotels provide you with a crib if you ask. Once you get there, you’ll need to check to ensure that the crib is set up properly, and that it’s a model that hasn’t been recalled. You should also pull up any venetian blind strings (they can be a choking hazard) so that they are out of reach. If you’re worried that you kid might end up tangled in the blinds, then pull them and out of the way. Also, examine the room for loose items that could end up in your child’s mouth, and move these small things out of reach.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask To Have Things Removed

Sometimes you can’t baby proof every piece of furniture in the room. If you’re staying in a suite that has a table with sharp corners feel free to call down to the front desk to have someone from hotel maintenance to remove it for you. This is true of anything extemporaneous (i.e. not needed) thing in the room that seems like it might be a hazard. As long as you ask them to remove these things in one trip, you shouldn’t feel like a nuisance at all. The best thing about the hospitality industry is that they’ll happy to help, especially if it keeps your kids safe.

One more thing – ask for a bit of help if you aren’t traveling with another adult companion. Someone will need to check the room while someone else watches the child. So, if it comes down to it, have an employee of the hotel baby proof the room while you supervise the process and keep an eye on your child.

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