New Innovation: Automatic Flight Check-in

Lufthansa Airlines has just released an awesome new feature that won’t leave you scrambling to check-in to your flight at the last minute. Their new site will automatically check registered users into their flights, and not just for Lufthansa. You can use the service at over 100 large- and medium-sized airlines from around the world, as long as the airline offers online check-in.

It’s a pretty simple process. Just create a free account on, and you’ll receive a personal email address. When you book a flight, use that email, and they will automatically receive your check-in info when its time. As soon as the online check-in opens, they’ll take care of it for you, even considering your personal seating preference! They send you your boarding pass and you’re good to go!

It even works for flights you’ve already booked. Just forward your flight booking conformation and they’ll check you in once it opens. This will help you get the best seat on the plane, and takes one more thing off your plate as you prep for a trip!

This is a huge game changer especially for airlines with open boarding, like Southwest Airlines. Working with is almost a guarantee you’ll end up in the premiere “A” boarding group.

This seems like an exciting service that’s worth a try! And if you’re looking to make travel even more stress-free, contact us for our concierge travel booking service for personalized trips!

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