Adventurous Eating: Getting Your Kids to Try New Foods in Foreign Countries

Some kids are picky eaters even at home. This means that they may turn their noses up at food in foreign countries, especially if the items on the plate smell and look weird. To adults, trying unique foods and local delicacies is one of the best parts of traveling. To kids, what’s on that plate may resemble something totally scary. It doesn’t need to be this way!

Have Them Help You Research

Before the trip, do some research on the food. This might require getting a few books on the country (aim for ones at your kid’s reading level), searching the internet for recipes to try, and even going to a restaurant that serves the cuisine that matches the country you’re going to travel to. The more involved your kids are in the process, the more likely they are to be slightly more adventurous when you’re there.

Look For Similar Foods That They Like

There are some universal things that can be found in almost every country, and no, I’m not talking about McDonalds. For example, rice and pasta are staples just about everywhere. Pick the one that your kids like best, and have them try your destination’s version of them. They are more likely to go with something that seems comforting and familiar, even if the seasonings are different.

Don’t Take the Fun Out Of It

Kids like things that are fun. If you’re searching for restaurants based on health requirements (unless you – or they – have food allergies), stop what you’re doing and relax a little. This doesn’t mean that you should let your kids binge on foreign junk food, but it does mean that if they don’t want to eat their vegetables, don’t force them to. As soon as things stop being fun, your kids will push back in every way that they know how, and this includes food.

Turn Your Restaurant Meal into A Potluck, Of Sorts

This doesn’t mean that you should bring your own food – just that you should share what’s on your plate with your family. A mealtime can be made fun if everyone orders a completely different dish, and then tries what’s on each other’s plates. This makes it more of an adventure, or a game – things that kids like, so they’ll be more likely to try new foods.

Making your kids eat what’s on their plates can be a massive task even when you’re at home. So, if you make eating fun while you’re away, your kids will be more open-minded about their meals. Ask their opinions and making new dishes into a type of game will be much more successful than if you simply give in and let them eat chicken tenders everywhere. They’ll thank you for it later.

The World is Yours to Explore!


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