Skip the Stress And Book Your ride Instantly With Mozio

There are many different websites to choose from when you’re booking a flight or a hotel, but not many that help you get from the airport to your next destination. Some people like to literally improvise on the spot, and pick a travel method once their plane has landed. Here at TravelBarista, we don’t recommend that. Instead, we suggest Mozio.

Get Prices for Multiple Ground Transportation Services All At Once

Whether you’ve traveled extensively – or even once – by air, then you probably are familiar with websites like Expedia and Kayak. They allow you look up multiple flights at once, and book the ones that best fit your budget and time frame. You get the best prices, without having to spend hours looking around online and taking notes on your comparison airlines. Mozio works the same way, only for ground transportation.

A Helpful Example

Here’s a scenario where Mozio comes in handy. Let’s say that you’re traveling to New York City and want to go straight to the local office of your company, since you have to meet with several colleagues and get some work completed before heading to your hotel. You can go to the Mozio website, enter your information, and then compare a number of different prices and options. All that you need is the date and time that you want to be picked up, as well as the starting point (the airport, in this example), and your ending destination (your local office.) Options including airport shuttles, taxis, private cars, and even buses pop up. You can book your ride right then and there, and once you land, you’ll be set.

Convenient Contingency Plans

The people who run Mozio know that sometimes your travel arrangements don’t go as planned. Your flight might be delayed, canceled, or even redirected. If that happens, you don’t lose your booked ride. Instead, your driver will keep an eye on the flights, and will stay put, waiting for you. You don’t even have to call to let them know that your plan has been interrupted. However, if you aren’t taking the trip at all for any reason, all that you need to do is contact Mozio’s support team and cancel your booking. They make it easy and stress free!

Where Mozio Really Comes In Handy

If you are traveling to a place that you’ve never been to before, and aren’t sure how many miles away your hotel is from the airport, then Mozio is definitely the best way to go. You won’t have to estimate how much a taxi will cost, or end up getting stuck at the airport because you just missed the last shuttle. Your ride will be taken care of – because you used Mozio and booked it right after you made your hotel reservations and paid for your airline ticket. Being prepared has never been so easy!

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