How to Find Cool Events When Traveling

You’ve made it to your hotel in Berlin. You’ve check in, freshened up and relaxed after your long trip. So now what do you do? How do you find concerts to go to, or cool music venues to check out?

Need some help to find concerts while traveling? Check out this cool app – Eventseeker – and you’ll be listening to your favorite music in no time.

Eventseeker is a new app that lists hundreds of concerts in cities across the globe. No matter where you are, you can find up coming performances and learn about local artists and venues. You’ll find times as well as ticket prices for each concert.

The app works by listing concerts with a 100-mile radius of where you are. It uses information from your music apps and social media profiles to compile a list of events that might be interesting to you. It will also list any friends you have who will be attending the same event. When in small towns, you’ll have the opportunity to find cool concerts and hang out at cool venues that you might have missed.

More than an app for concerts, Eventseeker actually lists all sorts of events. If you can’t find a concert to attend, you might find fun sporting events, festivals and plays in your area. In smaller U.S. cities, for example, you might find tickets to a minor league baseball game. These games are played in smaller stadiums, and they cost less than major league games. Because they’re the minor leagues though, concession stand prices are usually lower, and the crowds are a bit more relaxed.

Not every city has a Broadway, but you can almost always find a play or performance going on in any city. Eventseeker will help you find smaller playhouses giving performances.

No matter what you’re sure to find concerts and other fun activities on Eventseeker. Try it today and let us know what you think!

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