Avoid Sunburn At High Altitudes by Wearing Sunscreen On Your Fight

Most people know to wear sunscreen daily, even if they are just getting in a car and driving to and from work without spending any extended time outside. However, I just recently read a very interesting article regarding the need to wear sunscreen while on an airplane.

Previously, it was believed that your skin was protected while flying, but a new study done by a group of dermatologists from four major institutions showed that UVA and UVB sunlight can penetrate airplane windows, leaving you exposed to dangerous, skin-cancer-causing rays.

These doctors, from the University of California, the Mount Zion Cancer Research Center, the San Francisco Department of Medical Sciences, and the University of Turin, studied airplane windows made from glass composites as well as polycarbonate plastic, and found some startling results.

To put it simply, UVA rays penetrated the airplane windows in amounts ranging from .41% to a whopping 53.5%. Part of the reason for this could be the altitudes that the planes fly at, and the results explain the high rates of melanoma experienced by airline pilots.

However, even if you fly occasionally, you should always protect your skin. It’s as easy as wearing a 30 SPF or higher sunscreen or sunblock!

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