All About Disneyland’s Secret Club: Club 33

Did you know that Disneyland has a secret club? They do! It’s called Club 33, and it’s a members-only, very secretive place. So secretive that they no longer allow photos or videos to be taken of the club’s interior. However, here at Travel Barista, we have the scoop!

Club 33 costs approximately $40,000 a year to join. However, the benefits of belonging to the club greatly outweigh its costs. It offers exclusive benefits: A quiet interior space which provides respite from the loud and busy Disneyland street, secret entrances to the Disneyland parks, and is the only place where you can purchase alcohol on Disney’s grounds.

The name comes from the club’s location – it’s at 33 Royal Street in the New Orleans section of the park. Part of what makes the club so special, besides it exclusiveness, of course, is the fact it is supposedly decorated with antiques that were owned by Walt Disney, himself. It was originally envisioned by Disney as a place to entertain high society, including diplomats, politicians, donors, and the like, but the club unfortunately opened not long after Disney himself died. He never got to see this part of his vision come to life.

Of course, the club no longer looks as it did back in 1967 when it opened. You may find pictures of it from that time period, but after a recent renovation, Club 33 has a serious “no pictures, no videos” policy. All that it has to do to enforce this policy is point out that there is a 500 member cap, with around 800 or so people on the waiting list!

What we do know is that the club has a secret entrance, located in New Orleans square. Once you get inside, there is a bar, as well as a French restaurant that serves high quality food, something that is harder to find inside of Disneyland. In fact, it may be the only 5-star restaurant in a theme park anywhere in the world. The interior is decorated in an elaborate style, complete with Disney touches. Once you’re inside, you’ll forget that you were even in the park at all.

The food, exquisitely designed interiors, attentive service, and, best of all, the peace and quiet, make the membership worth every penny – if you can get on the list. If you can’t, there’s always this video, which does an excellent job of explaining Club 33’s concept, pre-renovation, of course. All I can say is that if you have the chance to go there, do it!


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