Tired of not finding your suitcase at the luggage carousel?

After a long flight, you have to walk down to the luggage carousel and naturally you are excited you have arrived to your final destination and you are anticipating a quick pick up of your bag?

Well, let me pop that bubble because you are surely mistaken. The only way to get around a faster pick up is if your luggage is easily identifiable. I'm not saying a little cute black or gray one, I'm mean you really need a luggage that has a print, a color, or some bright aspect to it that sets yourself apart from all the rest. Now, I know if you are business professional reading this you are thinking their is no way I can have a hot pink luggage for my work travels. Well, let me inform you how many neutral colors there are out there with subtle distinct prints that are professional and can still set your luggage apart from others. You do not need to be the brightest luggage in the carousel, but you definitely need to be unique. Countless times luggage is lost, or someone picked up your luggage thinking it was there's because it was the identical color and size.

Our whole lives people grow up wanting to be different and unique, so why do we often want to blend in at the airport with our luggage? Why not continue that trend of being unique to our travel accessories and suitcases as well. Save yourself the extra twenty minutes of wait time to identify your luggage and invest in a unique bag, a colorful strap to help differentiate your bag from all the rest.

Who wants to waste more time than you already have in the airport trying to find your bag when you are on vacation? Not me, Enjoy your vacation and travel experience; travel smart and be unique!

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