Have You Ever Considered Booking One-Way Trips To Save Money? Here’s How!

There’s a secret that many seasoned travelers know about – the secret of the one-way airfare. This doesn’t work for everyone, but if you are taking a trip that will lead you to several destinations, all of which need to flown to (as in you can’t drive or take any other sort of transportation for any reason), then one-way flights might just be the cheapest option.

We’ve all been conditioned to book round-trip airfare, as that is the most convenient method for the airlines. They prefer it when people go from one destination to another, and then back that same way. That’s how they’re systems work, and they prefer the instant “loyalty” that comes from booking a set of round-trip tickets. However, you may be able to save a lot of money if you use one-way flights instead.

Round-Trip Flights Versus Multi-Trip Flights

Normally, if you are going on a trip, you book a round trip ticket. After all, you’re going to one place only, and then returning from that very spot. However, for multi-destination trips, those round trip tickets can add up to a lot of money and unused airfare, thanks to the portions of the tickets that won’t be used as you go from one place to another before heading back to original location. Several decades ago, airlines would let you cash those unused tickets in for other airfare, making it worth purchasing them. However, it doesn’t work like that anymore, which is why one-way flights might just be a better deal.

First-Hand Experience

I frequently travel on multiple-location trips, so I’ve learned a few tricks of the trade along the way. It takes a bit more time to examine all of the different options when it comes to booking a series of one-way flights, but the money that you can save makes it well worth it. I know my starting point and the order of my destinations, which allows me to determine the best possible routes to take. All that I need to find are the least expensive corresponding flights!

Know How to Book the Right Flights

Many national airlines (those that fly from various points around the world to their home countries) offer stopovers in cities in their home countries. For example, if you are flying Air New Zealand, there will be stopovers in Auckland, Wellington, and other places in the country, which you can take advantage of. If you are traveling through the country and then on to another destination, all that you need to do is call the airline and book your flight accordingly.

However, if this option will not work for you, you will have to get a little creative. There are ways to book a series of one-way flights by utilizing the “advanced search” feature on most travel booking sites. Simply plug in your destinations and see what pops up. You can also do this the hard way, by checking one destination at a time, working your way through all of them systematically, and booking flights on different carriers in order to get the cheapest options.

TravelBarista’s Tips

- Be flexible with your schedule. You may end up having to stop in a particular place for an additional night or two in order to get the best rates.

- Pack light! Using this method, you may end up having to catch connecting flights on different airlines, which doesn’t necessarily allow for easy baggage handling. I recommend using only a carryon bag whenever possible.

- When in doubt, ask the airlines or use a travel agent. They will know the best routes to take.

- Be prepared to answer a lot of questions when going through security. Sometimes the people traveling on one-way flights receive a little extra scrutiny.

The World is Yours to Explore!

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