10 Great Travel Mantras

Traveling should be something that you do for fun. It shouldn’t be stressful, boring, or even uneventful. You’re going to a brand new place, whether it’s another country or city, and you should make memories that will last. That is why I suggest everyone follow these ten travel mantras.

1) Talk to the locals.

There’s nothing quite like getting to know the people who live in the area. Whether you chat with people at a local café, or have a conversation with a street vendor, you’ll learn more about your vacation locale and may even pick up a few suggestions for sights to see and things to do. I also recommend taking advantage of the concierge services offered at most hotels. They are experts on the area, and can give you some great suggestions.

2) Eat where the locals do.

The locals tend to know where the best restaurants are, and these places usually aren’t the ones found in guidebooks. Don’t be shy when asking for real recommendations.

3) Relax and go with the flow.

Most people travel with an itinerary – if it’s not written down, then at the very least, they have the trip planned out in their minds. But, if you relax and see where the adventure takes you, you’ll have a much better time! There’s another perspective here are well: if you are the type of person who likes to see new places, or have read about certain things to do or places to see at your new destination, of course you should go ahead and follow your plans!

4) Put away the map and wander aimlessly.

In order to truly enjoy yourself, you’ll need to go off of the beaten path, particularly if you’re in a very touristy place. By putting the map away and wandering a bit, you’ll be able to take in more scenery and might even find a hidden jewel of a place, such as a small museum or overlooked landmark.

5) Be spontaneous once in a while.

This fits in with number three, but takes it a step further. Instead of going with the flow, choose to do something at the spur of the moment, without taking the time to think it through. Of course, you still want to be careful, so don’t do anything that could be dangerous.

6) Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Ask as many questions as you feel that you need to, particularly when you’re on vacation. The people around you will be happy to fulfill your curiosity, and you might find out some very interesting things about your destination.

7) Carry a large scarf.

A large enough scarf can cover your head on a hot sunny day, be draped around your neck or shoulders should it get chilly, and work as a bathing suit cover up in case you left yours at home. Find one that is lightweight enough to keep in your purse, yet large enough to serve many purposes.

8) Write everything down.

Photographs and memories can only get you so far. If you truly want to remember every part of your vacation, take along a small journal. There are plenty of pocket-sized notebooks on the market that you can bring with you to jot things down throughout your trip.

9) Do something that makes you uncomfortable.

Getting out your comfort zone is never easy, but in order to properly enjoy your trip and make a memory that will last for a lifetime, it’s something that must be done. It might take a lot of effort, but all will be worth it in the end.

10) Capture some memories

Whether you choose to take pictures, buy an interesting souvenir, or both, make sure that you have something to take home with you that will help you remember what you did, what you saw, and the fun that you had on your trip.

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