How to Rejuvenate and Relax on a Trip

It can be hard to relax, even when you’re on vacation. Some people are so used to planning out every second of every day that it carries over to their vacations as well; they make lists of things to do, places to go, and scenery to take in while there. Social media factors into this too, as people feel the need to be connected 24/7. None of this adds up to a relaxing trip. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you do arrive home from your vacation rejuvenated and relaxed.

Unplug and Disconnect

Turn off your cell phone, tablet, and any other electronics (with one exception) as soon as you arrive at your destination. Or, if you absolutely must stay in touch in case of an emergency, turn your cell phone notifications to silent and check it every few hours. This way, you won’t be tempted to keep up with the news, your social media contacts, or your place of business. You’ll be more immersed in the moment. It also helps if you bring a separate camera, as you won’t be tempted by your cell phone every time you go to take a picture.

Forget the Itinerary

Instead of planning out your days far in advance, relax and go with the flow. You can decide each morning what you’d like to do while on your trip, or just wander around and see what looks interesting. You may find yourself in places that you’d normally never go – and imagine the experiences that you’ll have! Of course, you may be on a trip with a group that forces you to follow an itinerary, but even then, you’ll no doubt find a few moments to yourself where you can wander off without the fear of being left behind, so take advantage of them.

Take Deep Breaths and Ruminate on the Moment

The human memory is an amazing thing. You can trigger is by staying in the moment. Rather than whipping out your camera and taking 30 pictures in order to capture one perfect sunset, put the camera away and sear the memory into your brain. How? Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Focus on how the air smells and how you feel at that particular time. Stay quiet for a few minutes and pay attention to the sounds around you. Then open your eyes and take in what’s in front of you. You just made a memory that will be more important than that photograph.

Travel to Places That Aren’t Filled With Other Tourists

Popular tourist destinations are just that – filled with other tourists. Some become so busy that you’ll feel like you’re back home in the city, with all of the hustle and bustle of the crowds. This can be stressful, which is the exact opposite of what you were hoping for. If you end up in a popular locale, look for something off the beaten path. Ask the locals where they go to eat, or to hang out and relax. Following their recommendations will get you away from the crowds. Of course, you could always book trips to non-popular destinations, as that will definitely keep your stress levels down.

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