Travel Skincare Tips

When you’re catching a flight or a train, the last thing you’re concerned about is how your skin looks throughout the day. But even if you aren’t concerned, you should be. Traveling can be rough on your body – especially your skin – so it’s important to treat it right.

Need some pointers? Here are my favorite skincare tips and products for traveling. Don’t leave home without them.

Prepare Your Carryon

Your carryon bag should have more than just your passport and a book or Kindle to read. You should be carrying a few of your essential skincare products such as lip balm, hand lotion, facial moisturizer and facial wipes.

Nothing is more agitating than dried lips and hands. At high altitudes, these are often the first places to dry out. Keep lip balm and hand lotion within reach so you arrive still feeling smooth and confident.

One of the best travel skincare tips that people often forget is facial moisturizer. Regular moisturizer will clog pores, so use a special moisturizer just for your face.

Facial wipes wipes will be your best friend after sitting on an airplane for so long. You may have sweated when running around the airport or maybe your skin gets oily. Whatever the reason, facial wipes will clear away dirt and bacteria. They’re a great alternative to your favorite face wash, and they don’t require a sink.

Try some of my favorite products:

Use a Hydration Mask the Night Before

To help your skin retain as much moisture as possible, give it the royal treatment the night before a big flight. Scrub your skin with a good exfoliating face wash and then apply a hydrating mask.

These two skincare products will work together to rid your skin of oil, dirt and bacteria while bringing out your skin’s natural glow.

My top favorite products? I prefer La Mer Intensive Revitalizing Mask and Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask . Both will make your skin feel light as a feather before you get on your plane.

Drink Plenty of Water

As any beauty queen will tell you, the secret to great skin is really just hydration. Staying hydrated throughout the flight will help keep your skin looking fresh and relaxed.

When you get through security at the airport, buy a large bottle of water, but don’t drink it all at once. Sip it continually throughout the flight. If you have long layer and there are water bottle stations available, then feel free to drink a little more in the airport. Just make sure you refill the bottle before you get on the plane.

Put on Makeup Before You Land

There ‘s no sense in putting on a lot of makeup before the flight. It’ll only clog your pores. Instead, wait until you’re either about to land or taxing to the door before putting on most of your makeup.

Less makeup will keep your skin clear throughout the flight, and you can still apply moisturizer to your face. If you must wear makeup, use a light concealer and your lip balm with a bit of gloss. You’ll look more fresh faced when you land.

So tell me, which of these travel skincare tips will you try first? Share with me!

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