Why You Should Pick Up a Souvenir While on Vacation

Souvenirs are more than just random items brought home from a trip – each one contains an important memory from places that you’ve been. Memories can come in the form of a certain scent, say, the salt-water tinged air of the Pacific Ocean; a particular smell, like movie theater popcorn; or in the visual sense of seeing something that you bought while on a once in a lifetime trip.

Where to Get a Souvenir

Most tourist destinations have souvenir shops in popular locations, like malls, airports, or single shops on busy roads. These places tend to have items like t-shirts, key chains, mugs and other items with the city logo emblazoned on them. Sports teams, slogans, and pictures of local landmarks also appear in these places. These are good souvenirs, but you can also go one step further.

Consider going a little off the beaten path for your souvenir. Seek out locally made goods, such as honey, chocolate, wine, and more. Eating or drinking one of these things can wait until you get home, and then you can save the glass jar or bottle that each came in. Imagine turning an empty jar of destination-made honey into a pen or pencil holder for your desk – each time you look at it, you’ll remember your trip!

Also, consider souvenirs that don’t cost anything. Beach glass, tumbled rocks, or a small jar of sand all count as something that will help you remember your trip. It’s not about the amount of money spent – it’s about the memory that the item invokes.

Souvenirs for Adults

Adults have the ability to pick and choose just about anything they want to keep as a souvenir. (It’s one of the fun parts of adulthood.) But, if you need some suggestions, logo t-shirts, ceramic mugs, small statues (like a small replica of the Statue of Liberty), and the aforementioned local treats, are all good souvenirs.

Souvenirs for Kids

Some suggestions for souvenirs for kids include small trinkets, like metal pencil sharpeners in iconic shapes, plastic toys with logos on them, and even flattened pennies (the kind that cost 50 cents, because you need to flatten the penny yourself in a special machine.) Airports often have good coloring books based on the location you are visiting.

However, the most important part of a souvenir is the object itself. This is why you should let your kids pick out their own. Whether you give them a price limit, or hold them to items only in a certain part of the store, it’s crucial that the souvenir is something that your children want. They will remember the trip better that way.

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