A Great New Air Travel Innovation - airfordable.com

A Great New Air Travel Innovation: Airfordable.com

Have you ever wished that you could put your airline tickets on layaway? This exciting new innovation – Airfordable.com – lets you do just that! Airfordable.com is the latest and greatest travel innovation, designed to help the average traveler save money on airline tickets by booking them far in advance, before the prices go up.

What is airfordable.com?

Airfordable.com is a brand new microlending company that specializes in installment plans for airline tickets. These tickets can come from any of the discounted travel sites, from Expedia to Cheapoair, as well as the standard airline websites. Airfordable.com doesn’t check your credit during the process, but they won’t release your tickets to you until you’ve paid them off – and they do charge a small percentage of the total cost. The convenience lies in booking early and saving money, as opposed to waiting until you have all of the money.

How Does It Work?

It works in a very simple way – you choose the airline tickets that you want, as long as they are over $200 and not a direct flight, take a screenshot of the information, and upload it to the Airforable.com website. The site will take you through the process of getting a loan for your tickets, and you’ll need to come up with the first down payment before your tickets are booked for you. You’ll also need to include your basic information: name, address, phone number, as well as your debit or credit card number so that they can bill you biweekly for your tickets.

Why Use Airfordable.com?

As one of TravelBarista’s slogans states: “An investment in travel is an investment for your inner soul.” With Airfordable.com, rather than saving up money to purchase tickets for your next vacation, you can buy them now – while the price is affordable – and pay them off a little at a time. This guarantees that you’ll be on the flight that you want, and one step closer to the destination that you desire. After all, everyone needs some down time, and thanks to Airfordable.com, it will be the best purchase you’ve ever made!

The World is Yours to Explore!

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