Travel Secret: Purchase a Day Pass to an Airport Lounge

Travel Secret: Purchase a Day Pass to an Airport Lounge

Airport layovers are one thing that even frequent travelers cannot avoid. Thankfully, you can spend them relaxing in luxury, or working away in a business center. How? An airport lounge! In larger airports, these lounges have spa treatments, comfortable sofas, work areas with reliable Wi-Fi, and even complimentary food and drinks. Most travelers believe that the only way to get into one of these lounges is to have a business or first-class ticket, or even an airline credit card with perks, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: anyone can purchase access to an airport lounge.

The Advantages of an Airport Lounge

Airport lounges tend to have comfortable seating, free Wi-Fi, and an array of beverages and snacks, among other things. Most have private bathrooms, reserved for “loungers” only, as well magazines to read and other perks. They tend to be quieter than other parts of the airport, creating a far more relaxing atmosphere –perfect for people who want to take a nap or unwind before they are on the go again. Also, if you have flight anxiety, you’ll need to be calm before you get on a plane. There’s no better place for this than an airport lounge!

Airline Owned and Public Lounges

There are two different types of lounges in most domestic (read: United States-based) airports: those owned by the airlines, and those open to the public, as long as they are willing to pay a fee. Most people believe that airline lounges are only open to elite flyers or those with business or first class seats. This is completely untrue. Anyone can get into an airline-owned lounge, as long as they are willing to pay for a day pass. Many airlines sell these passes for between $30 and $50, which isn’t much, when you consider the perks that you receive. Is it possible to put a price on comfort and quiet? All that you need to do is ask the employees manning the door to the lounge and be prepared to hand over the fee!

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