The Benefits of Exercising While Traveling

You’ve been in Paris for three days now. You’ve dined at some amazing restaurants, and you feel like you’ve eaten some of the richest and creamiest foods in the world. When you wake up that morning, you feel sluggish and even a little sick. What can you do?

Traveling is a time to enjoy the local cuisine and not worry about your diet, but if you’re not getting enough exercise while traveling, then you may start to feel a little off. You may have trouble adjusting to a new time zone or you may feel more stressed than usual.

Though you may want to spend more time relaxing and rejuvenating, exercising while traveling will help you stay sharp and stress-free. Here are some of the other benefits of exercising while traveling and tips on how you can keep up your workout no matter where you are.

The Benefits

We’ve already mentioned that exercising while traveling helps you adjust quickly to new time zones, and it also lowers stress. That’s not all though.

Exercising while traveling keeps your regular routine in place. If your body is used to getting up and going for a run, then you want to maintain that routine. Although most experts agree that your body can forgo a workout for a week without you losing much of your strength, it’s better to keep up your routine. Your body will feel more at ease.

Of course, there’s all the other ways exercise benefits you – healthy metabolism, more energy, better night’s sleep – but you already knew that.

How to Exercise While Traveling

So how can you keep up your exercising routine while traveling? Well, you have several options. If you’re staying in a hotel or resort, then there’s a good chance that your location has a gym onsite. Many hotels keep their gyms open 24 hours a day to accommodate any workout schedule. Pack a few days of exercise clothes and your gym shoes and you’re ready to go.

If you’re not staying in a hotel, try downloading a few fitness apps and look up cool routines. If you have internet access, then you can find tons of great workouts on YouTube. The lengths vary so you can work out no matter how much time you have. To help you exercise on your own, pack a few resistance bands. They’re light, and they can help you make your own exercises in your room. Don’t forget to pack your FitBit if you have one.

Exercising can also be a form of site seeing if you like to exercise outdoors. Using apps like MapMyRun, you can plan a running or jogging path in any city. MapMyRun will help you plan distances as well as routes. You’ll feel like a local as you lace up your running shoes and zip through different neighborhoods near your hotel.

If you know you won’t have time to devote to exercising, then look for other ways to get active while you’re on your vacation. Plan a hiking day and spend the afternoon going up and down hills. Choose a few museums or events near each other and forgo public transportation for the day. Your feet will be your mode of transportation.

When all else fails, take the stairs! What are your favorite ways to exercise while traveling? Tell me about them!

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