Five Reasons to Unplug Your Electronics during Your Next Family Vacation

According to a survey completed by the Pew Research Center in October of 2015, over 68% of American adults have smart phones and 43% have tablet computers. A whopping 87% of those adults use their mobile devices to access the internet daily for at least 60 minutes. Some use far more data than that. For this alone, you should consider taking an “electronic vacation” while on your next family vacation. However, there are other reasons as to why you should unplug. Here are five.

Physical Relaxation

It can be hard to relax when you need to stay “on” all of the time. You know what I mean – you keep your smart phone and/or tablet on hand, because you need to know what’s going on constantly, both with the news and with your social media contacts. Otherwise, you might feel out of the loop, and fear that you’re missing out on something important. However, while on a family vacation, you should focus on those around you – your family. Make a pact to unplug for at least one entire day. Keep your smart phone turned off, and your tablet in luggage. You’ll feel more relaxed than you have in years after the first hour or so!

Enjoy Real Family Time

Turning off your phone – and making your other vacationing family members do the same – forces you to concentrate on each other. This can result in some great times, whether you are eating dinner, wandering a theme park, or just relaxing on the beach. You’ll find yourself having a great time with your loved ones, and enjoying the little things that you don’t notice when you’re plugged into the rest of the world. The time that you have with your family is finite – don’t waste it!

Make Actual Memories

Trying to capture everything with your camera can be exhausting. You probably feel the need to get just the right shot in order so that you can post it to Instagram and Facebook, not to mention, come up with a picture to frame and hang on your wall when you get home. The only problem with this is the many things that you miss while running around with your camera in your hands. Instead, leave your phone and/or camera in your bag, and make real memories with your loved ones. Focus on what they’re saying and doing, not on the way that they look while posing or running around candidly. Those are the memories that you’ll remember best – not the ones in which you tried for ten minutes to get the best natural light for that picture with Mickey Mouse.

A Little Phone Usage Leads to a Slippery Slope

Here’s an example to illustrate this one: You might check your phone once, just to quickly survey your work email and make sure that everything is going okay while you’re out of the office. Then you see an email asking for your opinion on something. You quickly send off one email, which leads to another, and the next thing you know, you’ve spent four hours of your vacation working. You don’t want to do that, right? This is why it’s best to unplug while on your family trips.

You Don’t Take Vacations All of the Time

The average family only goes on one to two vacations per year. This give you only a precious few weeks to focus solely on your family and relax while doing so. Do you really want to waste that time on your phone or tablet?

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