20 Best Travel Apps

Going on a big trip with your family? Before you catch your flight, make sure you have these 20 great apps downloaded before takeoff, and your travels will be happier.

1. Trip It

When your booking a flight, catching a train, renting a car and booking multiple hotels, it’s difficult to keep everything in check. That’s where Trip It comes in. Trip It tracks everything for you, and you can sync these plans with your mobile calendar to make sure you never miss a train. Cost: Free.

2. Kayak

Need to book a hotel or rent a car? Kayak helps you compare hundreds of deals on travel sites across the web. In no time at all, you can book a room, check an itinerary or track a flight all from the palm of your hands. Cost: Free.

3. Seat Alerts

As a family, you want to sit together. With the travel app Seat Alerts, you’ll be notified when a seat around you becomes available. If you’re waiting for an aisle seat, you can change your seat once notified. Cost: Free single alert, 99 cents per additional alert.

4. Gate Guru

When flying home, sometimes the most stressful part of the day is navigating a new airport. With Gate Guru, you can plug in your flight information, and the app will tell you your arrival and departure terminal and help you find great restaurants and other amenities in the airport. Cost: Free.

5. WeatherPro

Not sure what to pack? Think it might be rainy or humid? WeatherPro helps you analyze the weather in over two million geographical locations and can help you pack smarter for any weather. Cost: $2.99.

6. The Snow Report

If you’re planning a ski trip, snow is a good thing. The Snow Report will keep you updated with the latest ski reports and provide maps of ski slopes around your lodge. Cost: Free.

7. XE Currency

You’ve landed and now you’re picking up a snack at the airport. But wait, what’s the exchange rate here anyway? With XE Currency, you can look up an currency quickly and get an accurate conversion. This is an essential app to have while you shop to make sure you don’t overspend if the local currency is stronger than the dollar. Cost: Free.

8. Google Translate

A much-needed app especially if you don’t speak the language, Google Translate can translate 53 languages in text and hear another 23 languages. This is a great way to learn the local language and improve your speaking skills. Cost: Free.

9. Hostelworld

While we’d all love to stay in five-star resorts, sometimes hostels make a better, less expensive choice. This app will let you browse hundreds of hostels in all different cities. Once you find your perfect budget hotel, you can book your room and find great directions. Cost: Free.

10. Airbnb

Sometimes the hardest part about being away from home is just that, being away from home. With Airbnb, you can rent someone else’s home and feel comfortable in your new city. Browse thousands of listings and find great homes that are close to restaurants, theaters and other great events. Cost: Free.

11. Foodspotting

In the mood for fish and chips in London? Want to get the best sushi in Tokyo? The Foodspotting travel app will help you find any dish you crave in your local city. IF you’re not sure where to eat, this app can give you great suggestions. Cost: Free.

12. CityMaps2Go

Pin your hotel location and take a closer look at all the cool things to see and do nearby. The CityMAps2Go app will share city guides for the biggest cities as well as subway maps, offline apps and local points of interest. Cost: $2.99

13. Google Maps

Want to find great restaurants near you? Need directions to a theatre? Google Maps will be your best friend. The app is voice-guided and will alert you to any traffic updates as you go. You can also use its street view feature if you’re prone to getting lost. Cost: Free.

14. Uber

When you can’t find a taxi, order an Uber. This ride-sharing service is available across the globe in some major cities. Uber drivers will get you back to your hotel no matter where you are in the city. Cost: Free. 15. Musement

If you love exploring museums and enjoying fine dining, the Musement app will give you a finely curated list of restaurant, bars, museums and art exhibits. When you have a free night, scroll through this app to find something cool and artsy to do in the city. Cost: Free.

16. WhatsApp

No traveler should leave home without WhatsApp. This text message app lets you communicate with people from all corners of the earth – no matter with country code. While calling your friend in England may result in high fees, WhatsApp is free, although you do need WiFi to use it. It’s great way to keep in touch with friends even when you return home. Cost: Free.

17. Goby

Traveling in the U.S. and need to find something to do? Goby can help. Goby is the handy app that will help you find concerts, art shows, plays and plenty of other fun activities. Find a cool place to go on Goby and make an adventure out of it for your family. Cost: Free.

18. ICE

Do you have allergies? Maybe your child has asthma. With ICE, all of your medical information – including primary doctor information, insurance and prescriptions – is stored and easily accessible. If you have trouble while abroad, this app will translate itself into 10 different languages so local doctors can help you. Cost: $3.99.

19. Mint

We all love to spend on our vacations, but you still need to keep track of your financials. With Mint, you’ll be able to track spending on all your credit cards and bank accounts. This is a great way to keep your finances in check as you travel. Cost: Free.

20. Modern Postcards

Want to send a postcard to your loved ones back home? Modern Postcards will help you create unique and personalized postcards for all your friends and family. Cost: Each card is sent for just 99 cents.

Share with me, which one of these travel apps will you be downloading?

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