Traveling Alone with Children (Minor Consent Form)

I’ve travelled on my own with my children many times, but with each trip, there is always some difficulty and some worry.

It’s harder to get through airport security when you have one eye on your own passport and another on your two children.

Like any parent, I want to keep my children safe, and I worry that if I look away for even a second, they’ll wander off.

What I didn’t know before having children is that traveling with children alone requires special documentation. The Customs and Border Protection requires the parent to carry a Child Minor Consent Form with them while traveling regardless if it is internationally or not.

This form was created to stop child abduction. If a child is traveling with one parent or an adult who is not their legal guardian, this form proves that the child is with a legal guardian and not being taken illegally to another country or state.

Remember, a child is considered a minor if he/she is under the age of 18. If you’re traveling with your teenaged kid, you should still have this form.

You will also need this documentation if you’re traveling alone with your nieces, nephews or friends’ children. It protects you as well as them.

Ultimately, different countries have different requirements. It is important to have the Minor Consent Form to avoid being stopped by the immigration officers, airline, or travel company.

In addition to carrying the form, the U.S. Passport Service Guide website (not a government website) recommends that the Minor Consent Form notarized. If there is a situation with custody between the two parents, carry the legal custody documents as well with the Minor Consent Form. To download this template, click here.

If you know you’re going to be traveling with children alone, start getting this form ready and have all the necessary IDs ready to go. Doing so will ensure that your trip through the airport and customs agency goes smoothly.

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