Tipping Guidelines for Worldwide Travelers

Picture this: you’re in Canada, and the hotel porter just dropped off your bags in your room. He stands there for a moment, waiting for a reaction from you – in the form of a tip. You panic, because even though Canada isn’t quite a foreign country, you aren’t sure what the standard tip is. A seasoned traveler would know that $1 to $2 cash per bag is the typical amount, but being a newbie to international travel… you don’t know what to do, but come up with an amount on the spot anyway.

Now imagine that you’re in a completely different country, where that cash tip would be an insult. It’s complicated, isn’t it?

As you can see, tipping is something that is not quite universal. It also isn’t something that takes place only the United States. Instead, it’s a worldwide phenomenon that has a number of intricacies. You don’t want to insult the people assisting you in some countries by leaving a tip, while in others, not tipping is considered to be just as insulting.

While educated travelers tend to know exactly how much – and who – to tip, no matter what country they’re visiting, there are plenty of casual travelers who don’t. If you fall into the latter category, don’t worry! TravelBarista has it covered with this handy worldwide tipping guide.

You don’t want to insult the people taking care of your needs when you’re in another country. Some service workers are paid well, while in other countries, they aren’t, and depend on tips to make a living. This is why it’s important to have this information. The chart below has a quick breakdown of amounts, countries, and all of the details, making it easy to look up your travel destination and the tipping requirements. After you plan your trip, scroll through this handy guide and note how tipping works in the country that you’ll be visiting.

Don’t worry - if taking handwritten tipping notes with you on your vacation doesn’t sound like fun, there is a useful app, called the Global Tipping App, that covers many different situations in 30 different countries. Download it and stay informed!





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