Road Trips Are Sometimes Easier

When you feel like you need a change of pace, it usually happens to be around that special time of year when work is crazy and you need a break but you do not feel like going anywhere that involves a plane because of the planning involved. Taking a plane sometimes can often add the extra layer of stress and worrying when it comes to packing and figuring out travel logistics. On the other hand, taking a road trip not only adds a spontaneous aspect, but it allows you to explore where you live and to places you may have never been before that could be just hours from where your home. Below are listed a few reasons why I believe everyone should live in the moment and take advantage of road trips more often.

1. You don't need to plan

The idea that you can just pick up and go is one of the most thrilling feelings. Going on a road trip eliminates the need for having an itinerary. If you feel like stopping by a nice lunch spot you heard about on your way to your destination, you can! Having that added flexibility on a vacation can make ones trip that much more fun whether you are traveling solo, with friends, or as a family.

2. You can take more items

Road tripping to a place where you want to bring your bikes? You can! Have the option to bring additional gear for all the possible recreational activities you may take part in relieves the stress of having to worry about buying rentals. When packing the car whether you are solo, with friends, or as a family you are able to bring the additional snacks, coolers, books, kids toys etc.

3. Easier to unplug

It is something about going on a road trip and admiring the natural beauty on your journey than being concerned about checking the latest email or text message on your phone. These days we are so intertwined with technology we subconsciously look at our phones for a distraction when we do not even need to use them for something in particular. When you are on a road trip there is so much to take in during every aspect of the ride.

4. Save money/last minute deals

In nearly almost all cases about planning a vacation, especially if you are a family traveling together, it is most definitely more cost efficient to drive than to fly. Not having to worry about flight cost, car rental, on top of the hotel accommodations is a huge money saver. There are many last minute deals you can find on hotel accommodations where some may have packages regarding recreational benefits to activities or things to do and explore in the area. Surprisingly enough there are perks to being spontaneous and not always having to have a plan when you travel!

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