Reimbursement for Cancelled or Delayed Airline Fees Isn’t a Myth

There are many things that you can’t control while traveling. The weather and the airlines are the top two. If a flight cancellation or delay hasn’t thrown a wrench into your plans, they just might in the future, so make sure that you are prepared.

It can be a pain to get your money back after an airline has delayed or cancelled your flight. These are two things that can make traveling tougher, since all of your plans rely on whether or not you arrive at your destination on time. This is crucial if you have connecting flights scheduled or important meetings to attend.

Thankfully, there is a service for just this very thing, one that works no matter where you are in the world: This European Union-based website, staffed by people calling themselves “your passenger rights experts,” will help you get compensated for delayed, cancelled or overbooked airlines.

How It Works

It’s as easy as going to and clicking on the orange box labeled “claim now.” A form will pop up that will help you determine if your flight is eligible for compensation. Go through the steps and answer questions on your flight number and date, your personal information, and a brief explanation of what happened.

Once your information has been received (including your signed form – see below), contacts the airline, and is prepared to take them to court if necessary.

What You Need To Know

In order to process your claim, you must submit a signed form – and there is no way to sign electronically. This requires receiving your filled out form via email, printing it, signing it, and then emailing it back.

You can attach pictures and other documents to your form when filling it out on the website. This will help corroborate your claim, and it is highly recommended that you do so.

Other Information works on flights worldwide – and has helped people in 140 different countries.

You can receive compensation of up to 600 Euros (approx $690) per person, per flight. has a success rate of 98%, and the average claim takes around 100 days to settle.

The World is Yours to Explore!

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