Reasons to Stay at the Il San Pietro de Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy

The Il San Pietro de Positano, located on Italy’s amazing Amalfi Coast, is a beautiful and elegant hotel, full of the old-world elegance and modern touches that you expect from a trip to Italy. Between the private location that is still close to restaurants and nightlife, you’ll find it tough to leave!

A Must-Visit Destination

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is in the southern region of Italy, and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason: it’s absolutely beautiful. The Il San Pietro de Positano is located on a cliff, providing you with gorgeous views of the Mediterranean Sea. Between the hotel itself – which consists of pure luxury – and the views, this is where the well travelled seeker finds that perfect combination of joy and happiness that seems to not exist anywhere else.

Honeymoon Heaven

The privacy factor is high at the Il San Pietro de Positano, making it the perfect place to enjoy a honeymoon. The history of the area is amazing to explore, and the entire setting is both unique and romantic – both things your honeymoon should be! The architecture and interior of the hotel fit right into the location, and there are plenty of large rooms with terraces, so you can enjoy the views of the coast. In addition, there are plenty of things to do at the hotel - there is a complimentary boat ride included with your room, plus your choice of a pool (complete with stunning views), a private sundeck, or the private beach. Disneyland might be the “magical” place for kids, but the Amalfi Coast is “magical” for adults!

Private Location, yet Very Close to Everything Positano Has to Offer

The nearby town of Positano has plenty of things to do, including shopping, nightlife, activities and restaurants – and it is easy to get to from the secluded Il San Pietro de Positano. The hotel provides a complimentary shuttle to Positano that runs all day, every day, but, for a change of pace (or during busy travel times) you can take a sea taxi from the hotel’s private beach into the city. That is, if you even want to leave the hotel. Between the beach, sundeck, and “hidden” restaurant and bar (hint: to find them take the hotel lift down to sea level), the levels of privacy included are just perfect!

This Hotel is committed to Excellence

Here’s an example of the high level of service that you’ll receive here: The Il San Pietro de Positano has a Michelin starred restaurant on its property, which grows its own herbs and vegetables. There’s a garden that the guests can walk through as well, and the scent of its herbs will haunt you (in a good way) after you leave. The service is absolutely perfect, thanks to the dedicated and passionate staff, all of whom are committed to excellence. This hotel is the best-kept secret in Italy, and yes, I will be back!

Disclaimer: Thank you Il San Pietro de Positano, for a wonderful stay! This stay was not part of a campaign.

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