Looking for a Travel Companion?

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to travel & see the world, but family or friends can’t come with during that time? Do you meet people who have the same interest of seeing the same place as you? Are you afraid to travel internationally alone? Are you looking for a group to travel with? All of those questions can be answered by finding your travel companion here!

Start your new adventure with a travel friend by your side

Travel Companion Page

When you are traveling it is always nice to be able to share your experiences with someone who has the same common interests as you. With our help and guidance, soon enough you will be exploring the world with a new travel buddy! TravelBarista values the importance of finding the right fit and a person who has the same travel values as you.

Discussion Board

TravelBarista will sift through all the world’s travelers to help you successfully match with others through the discussion board. The Discussion board will be based on your place of interest that way you can easily find someone who is going to the same destination as you. It will be a running dialog of educated travelers who are discussing their traveling plans. Once you find a travel friend who is interested in going to the same place during the same time as you, you can easily and safely connect with your new travel friend via our private messaging system.

Travel Companion Compatibility

We want to guide you to your perfect traveling buddy, but you need to do your research as well. It is your responsibility for you to connect with the other traveler beyond the discussion board and private messaging system to get to know the person before traveling with them. We strongly encourage you to FaceTime or Skype with each other before you meet at the destination. By meeting each other before your travel date, it will be a smoother transition before you begin your adventure together.

Group Trips

In addition to your posts on the discussion board,TravelBarista will also be posting group trips on there as well. This is where you easily can sign-up for a group travel trip. This option is great for people from all dynamics ranging from single parents to friends who prefer to travel in a group together. This type of traveling is nice for families with single parents who want to find other single parents to connect with while traveling with children. This is a wonderful opportunity for not only single parents to connect with other single parents, but for children to meet new friends in their age range.

Ultimately, TravelBarista wants you to get the most out of your traveling experience. You never have to be afraid to travel alone. Our philosophy is to inspire people to explore what the world has to offer and to allow travelers to connect and share their experiences with each other whether you are single, married, or have a family. Learning about new places and traveling with others can leave you with lasting friendships and a lifetime of shared memories.

Please be responsible travelers, think carefully before sharing your personal information online. We strongly encourage you to use our private messaging system to get in touch with other travelers and to meet in person before traveling with them. Kindly read our privacy policy, and Terms & Conditions for your own safety.

Click here to participate in our discussion board and meet your new travel friend today! Stay tuned for the upcoming traveling profile set up where you directly will be able to be matched up with your future traveling companion!

The World is Yours to Explore!

Caroline Glassell CEO & Founder of TravelBarista

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