Guide for “Good" Kids’ Apps (and some for Adults too!)

In today's world children are being exposed to technology at a much early age. Instead of sheltering them from our constantly evolving world, we need to guide them in the appropriate way. Children are sponges and soak up a lot of information. With that being said, it is important when you are traveling with children and you are allowing them to play a game on the iPad, that the game is developmentally appropriate and educational. “Screen Time” should be limited and only taken out if necessary while traveling. It should be considered a “treat” for children to have the opportunity to use the iPad. Below is an organized list, by age group, of apps that are highly rated across the world and are safe and appropriate for your child.

1. Age Group 2-4 years old

a. Sign and Sing Lite (Works on the development of pre-speech)

b. Sing and Learn Colors with Jenny Jenkins & Lisa Loeb (Teaches children about various colors, in the form of various mediums including, games, songs, and graphics) c. Peek-a-Zoo by Duck Duck Moose (Children learn behaviors and emotions) d. Sago Mini Road Trip (Create the fun of going on a road trip)

e. Peekaboo Barn (Identifying animal game)

2. Age Group 5-7 years old

a. Little Big Foot (Children’s story app)

b. Fun for Kids-Puzzles (puzzle app with sound)

c. Hairy Letters (Learning to write and identify letters in a fun way)

d. Toca Dance (Create your own outfits for dancers-App fee $2.49)

e. Toca City (Children can create their own cities-App fee $2.49)

3. Age Group 7-10 years old

a. Train Conductor 2 (Guiding Trains to their destination)

b. Wombi Airplane and Wombi Treasures (Treasure Hunt Game)

c. Bobo Explores Light (Interactive Science Exploration)

d. Forestry (Interactive memory game for you children)

e. PocketPhonics (Teaches your child letter pronunciations)

4. Age Group 10-13 years old

a. Stack the Countries (Geography game about countries,flags,cities etc.) b. Magic Piano by: Smule (create your own musical tune)

c. Ultimate Dinopedia:The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference (Dino Lover’s database dream) d. ColorStudio HD (Colorful drawing pad)

e. Monster Math (Mathematical fun app)

5. Age Group 13+years old

a. Let's Create Pottery Lite (Create your own pottery-App fee $2.99)

b. Writing Challenge (Helps teens write stories)

c. Monument Valley (Mysterious, fantastical game-App fee $2.49)

d. Breakthrough (Deeply explores innovating science topics) e. Shake-a-Phrase: Fun with Words and Sentences (Creating silly sentences to promote imaginative writing)

In addition to finding ways to entertain children, why shouldn't we find ways to entertain ourselves? Believe it or not, adults can only check emails and look on social media to get the latest gossip for so long then eventually we get bored too. As adults age, our bodies are constantly changing especially our brain functions. It is very important to do brain exercises to engage all parts of the brain that may not get equal use everyday. Below, is a list of apps that are great for stimulating the mind.

1. Lumosity (Trains brain memory and attention through various games)

2. Eidetic ( Helps users exercise their long term memory brain function)

3. Brain Trainer Special (Has a large collection of brain games)

4. Elevate (Focuses more communication pertaining to vocabulary and writing)

5. Peak (Total brain workout)

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