3 Things to Know about Travel Insurance

Like any parent, I’ve seen my children get their fair shares of scrapes and bruises. At home, we clean them off, put a Band- Aid on their scrapes and send them back out to play. In rare cases, I can take them to the emergency room for a few stitches.

When your child is injured while abroad however, a Band-Aid might not cut it, especially if you’re skiing, zip-lining or any other active outdoor activities.

To keep you and your family safe and healthy while traveling abroad, consider investing in travel insurance. If you’re unsure, here are three essential things to know about travel insurance before you buy.

1. Your Current Health Insurance Might Cover You

It’s uncommon, but worth checking out. Some health insurance plans do offer some coverage outside the U.S. The coverage is often very minimal, and if you’re sick or injured, you may still have to pay large fees for transportation and any medical treatments.

Before you leave the country, check in with your health insurance provider and see what kind of coverage your plan has. Very few plans do provide out -of-country coverage, but it’s worth taking a second look before you buy travel insurance.

2. Pack like You’re Going to the Doctor’s Office

Any number of accidents could happen abroad. Your child might trip and break his or her glasses. You might need to refill a prescription or buy a new pair of contacts.

When traveling abroad, plan your trip as if you were going to see your doctor. Pack all your prescriptions, a list of medical conditions for everyone in the family and your physician’s contact information. Then if something should happen, you won’t be scrambling trying to find a suitable replacement.

If your child did break his or her glasses, you would already have the prescription handy. From there, you find a temporary replacement at a shopping center.

3. Research Travel Insurance

If your family loves outdoor activities, seriously consider getting travel insurance. There are plenty of providers, so remember these simple tips:

  • Get your insurance when you book your trip. It’s all done and out of the way.

  • Make sure it includes medical as well as dental.

  • Look for a plan that provides 24/7 assistance. A good plan will offer assistance in finding medical care facilities and pharmacies.

  • Go through the insurance policies ahead of time and contact your insurance provider if you don’t understand something.

If you need help researching travel insurance, check out insuremytrip.com. This helpful site lists hundreds of travel insurance providers, and it will help you determine the kind of coverage you need at a price you’re willing to pay. Insuremytrip.com also has a hotline you can call if you have questions.

Even if you’re not skiing or whitewater rafting, having travel insurance will help you sleep at night. If one of you catches a cold or gets a deep cut, you won’t feel like you can’t go to a medical care provider.

Do you think you’ll get travel insurance? Why or why not?

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