Are you ever stressed about planning upcoming trips? Feeling overwhelmed with going away?


Travel Barista is finally here to help!


TravelBarista is a site created for the educated traveler that is filled with a wealth of travel information at your fingertips.


This platform is designed for educated global travelers with specific content for: *Singles *Couples





*Adventure travelers

*Travelers 55+




On this site, our writers and contributors share a wide range of tips & advice that can easily be downloaded.


Some of what you’ll find on here includes:

* Comprehensive packing checklists,

* Worldwide luxury hotel guides,

* An Interview Series with Expert Advice

* Suggestions on “educational” app’s for adults & kids

* Recommendations for Best travel Apps for worldwide educated travelers

* Boutique - recommendations on products worth investing in prior to trip, to reduce stress

* What to think about before your closing your house when leaving on vacation (home preparation checklist)


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For the parents, you can find a resource center for kids, including:

* Comprehensive tools for educating children about the world and travel,

* Flags & continents ready to be downloaded for your children to color,

* Recommendations for books,

* A unique Kid’s Travel Journal for them to fill out prior to your upcoming trip,

* Travel word cross puzzle, and word search,

* Advice on which the best Apps are based on age.




TravelBarista also has a section about finding your travel companion. Have you ever been in a situation where you want to travel & see the world, but family or friends can’t come with you during that time?


This section includes

* A discussion board based on your place of interest where you can easily find someone who is going to the same destination as you,

* A running dialog of educated global travelers who are discussing their traveling plans, or sharing their recent experiences.

* A private messaging system where you easily & safely can connect with travelers. SHARE




TravelBarista will also be posting group trips. This option is great for people of all circumstances ranging from single parents to friends who prefer to travel in a group together. Perhaps you are looking for another single parent to connect with while traveling with children? This is a wonderful opportunity for not only single parents to connect with other single parents, but for children to meet new friends in their age range. Ultimately, TravelBarista wants you to get the most out of your traveling experience. You never have to be afraid to travel alone. Our philosophy is to inspire people to explore what the world has to offer and to allow travelers to connect and share their experiences with each other whether you are single, married, or have a family. Learning about new places and traveling with others can leave you with lasting friendships and a lifetime of shared memories!


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Caroline Glassell CEO & Founder of TravelBarista, a person who wants to share knowledge, connect travelers & inspire you to explore the world, Mom of 2 young girls, entrepreneur at heart.




Caroline Glassell, owner of Travel Barista, is a world-wide traveler, freelance travel writer, and multi-lingual mom of two daughters. Growing up in both Sweden and Portugal she developed a passion for travel at a young age. Her love of travel ultimately brought her to over thirty countries across the globe. After living in four different countries -- Sweden, Portugal, United Kingdom and the United States -- Caroline and her family now live in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Caroline’s love of family and travel combined with her appreciation of photography, golf, Pilates, and Zumba ultimately led her to create TravelBarista. She believes that one of the greatest ways for children to learn is through parents who travel with them, educate them on other places and be with them as they learn about the world through their own vivid lens.


Caroline founded TravelBarista in 2016 while planning her upcoming travels. She knows that people travel for varying reasons and in unique ways. Whether they’re with friends, family, or business associates, they’re exploring a new city, country, and culture. These wanderers might need or want someone – a travel companion – to join them on their journey. Caroline’s site connects travelers and offers essential information for navigating new cities and embracing different cultures.


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